Our Current Clients

Civil and Electrical Clients

  • City of Salmon White Bridge
  • Colbreit
  • Central Oregon Irrigation District
  • HDR
  • North Unit Irrigation District
  • Smolich Dodge & Nissan
  • Amalgamated Sugar
  • AB InBev
  • Etec
  • Bethlehem Inn
  • Meadows Assisted Living Center
  • Hermiston Senior Activity Center
  • 10 Barrel Brewing
  • Klamath Falls Starbucks
  • Deschutes County Road Department

Current Hydro Electric Projects

Clark Canyon Dam Hydro Electric Project Montana 4.7MW

The Clark Canyon Hydroelectric Project will use water that is currently released from the reservoir into the Beaverhead River. The project will operate in a run-of-release mode with no daily storage. The new powerhouse will contain 2 Francis turbines able to use water in the range of 88 cfs to 700 cfs. NES took over the management of the design and then completed a separate redesign of the project. A key aspect of the design of this project included in-depth interaction with the Bureau of Reclamation.

Whitewater Hydro Electric Project, Oregon

Details coming Soon

Farmers Irrigation District

Details Coming Soon

Swalley Irrigation District

Details Coming Soon

45 Mile Hydro Electric Project Oregon

Details Coming Soon


Details Coming Soon

Earth By Design

Details Coming Soon